R1 : Hana/Haya, Moustafa/Nasser

Hana Ramadan (EGY) 3-1 [WC] Haya Ali (EGY) 3-1 9-11, 11-8, 11-5, 11-3 (30m)

“It was the first time I’ve seen her play and I think it was a tough match to start with. She kept me doing and guessing a lot, she flicked her racket a lot, and it was challenging to read her game.

“You’ve got the basic pressure of playing a match and a tournament, let alone against someone you’ve never seen play before. I know a lot of the Egyptian juniors come up to play on the professional tour, I was expecting it to be challenging and it was.

“I’m happy with how I’ve done far and I hope next season I can bring it up a bit. I’m currently 26 in the world and my goal for the next season is to break into the top 20.”

Moustafa El Sirty (EGY) 3-0 [WC] Mohamed Nasser (EGY) 11-4, 11-4, 13-11 (30m)

Egypt’s Moustafa El Sirty will take on World No.4 Mostafa Asal in a repeat of the most recent World Junior Championships final after he claimed a comfortable win over fellow Egyptian Mohamed Nasser.

El Sirty and Asal will meet for the first time on the PSA Tour, and El Sirty will look to avenge his 3-0 defeat to Asal in the 2019 World Junior Championships final.


“I know Mohamed pretty well, he’s the son of my fitness coach. I’ve see him growing up and I managed to put together a good plan to be able to win in three today. I couldn’t play any better, the conditions were on my side at all, I’m really happy to get through.

“Asal and I had a rivalry in juniors and he’s stepped up his game a bit and has gone up with the big guys now. I’m trying to follow on and I’m expecting a good match tomorrow. I know it will be tough because he’s such a good player.

“It’s an amazing place to play squash. The beach is two minutes away from the court. It’s really chilling, it’s an amazing venue as well and the people are so welcoming, it’s my homeland too, so I couldn’t be any happier.”