That Moment #4

Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about the El Gouna International …
Fram reports

Spotlight on my Angels

That moment you are so grateful you could cry.

After a few days which weren’t the best for me, arriving and working in Gouna has been a dream. A bit warm, I give you that, but a dream.

And I have to thank – on top of Amr Mansi of course – my two angels, Ahmed Nazih and Engy El Mandouh. You have no idea how AMAZING those two have been working to make my life the easiest as possible.

Nazih speaks fluent French, God bless him, and Engy’s English puts me to shame. And they reconciled me with squash. Merci, merci merci mes amis.

Little Market just for us

That moment you have the time (finally) to walk around the venue…

and I have to say, I just loved it. It’s looking good but it’s not pretentious, plenty of drinks outlet (THANK THE LORD), food, comfy big puffs to crush, chat, or just enjoy the match…


12 years with 10 Editions… A World of Gouna

That moment you realise how time flies…

Joelle’s attempt to bribe me was a success

That moment Joelle King, one of the sweetest ladies you will ever get to meet was kind enough to feed me with Dates filled with Peanut butter and covered in Chocolate.

“If you are trying to bribe me” I smiled, “let me tell you it worked”.

Simple to get an good article from me, ain’t it??

Is the rumour true? Is Raneem on her way back?

That moment the whole of the Squash world is holding its breath. The rumours have been reaching the four corners of Gouna: Raneem El Welily, inspired by the incredible run of Nour El Tayeb, has started her training to come back on PSA.

Ok, you didn’t heard it from me, but you read it here first, ok?

Peut être une image de 2 personnes, personnes debout et intérieur

Mohamed had played in warmer conditions!

That moment you remember of a match, played in even hotter conditions – si, si, c’est possible.

Have a quick look, it was in 2011, in La Réunion… Article in French, but Mohamed’s quote in English!

Only Mad Dogs and PSA Sean…

That moment you get to verify the truth in “But mad dogs and Englishmen Go out in the midday sun”…. My personal Angel, Sean Reuthe, our Media Boss!

God Love him.

Back to Ancient Sands

That moment you can’t help to smile walking under the Ancient Sands reception arch, as the first time we came with Cubs, it was under construction. Literally. They were building it as we moved it, and the reception was… two lovely young men doing it all bless them.

Want to know a bit more? Read about about it


That moment you arrive at the SquashCentre and see your idol on court… Raneem El Welily is back, and today, she was coaching French Melissa Alves.

Could that be one of the factors that are leading Melissa to come to Cairo from August to live… Merci Raneem.


That moment you cannot help smiling at life. The whole of the organisation bending over backwards to provide us with the tools we need.

And the IT man coming to give us the Internet Wifi Codes as we arrive.

And a lovely helper to get me my little teas.

And my seat, reserved, next to a plug, with easy access to the players.

And the Barman who remembers that I have my tea with milk and honey!!!!



Oh I missed you Moods. Moods is our food sponsor and a stunning restaurant/beach at the end of the Marina in Gouna, and the waiters are the best in the world!

Thought about my little Ramy Ashour as I ate his favourite food, Crepe Nutella…. Miss you my little one.


Where’s the Squash ?

That moment you arrive, and you’re sure there’s a squash court around here somewhere …


That moment you get the finishing touch to the Squash Centre…


That moment you just smile at the photo, not sure why but it’s just … surprising…


That moment you finally go back to Hoda’s restaurant – the lovely lady that is providing the food at the SquashCentre.

We paid her a visit in 2017. My, Down Town has changed soo much, so many more shops and restaurants now! But her Club House is still as lovely as then…


That moment you have just one day after the Worlds at home – about 15m drive from the Four Seasons to Maadi Road 9 – to unpack, laundry, pack again to leave for El Gouna.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the hotel we are going to stay in for only 3 days before we go to Ancient Sands, and it’s very close to all the shops of Down Town and the Squash Centre, and that’s fantastic, but it’s a bit of a shock to the system after the Nile Four Seasons….

I am made for the Four Seasons Life moi…


That moment you try to take SquashSite WebMaster and Photographer Steve Cubbins to Villa Caracas, probably the best Lebanese restaurant in Cairo, but on a PSL (English League) night…


Still, managed to get him staying in Egypt between two events. Ok, finding an agreeable temperature for my living room in Maadi Road 9 was a bit of a battle, as he loves freezing temperature while I like a normal one, but we made it…