They said….

Eng Samih Sawiris

It’s really amazing how time flies. But I want to use the opportunity of this event to show to the world and especially to my countrymen that you need to trust the young people, Amr was a kid when he started, and you need to be patient. We knew it would take 10 years to get to where we are.
So this is an appeal to everybody: be patient.

And thank you to coming here, and hoping to see you next year.

Lee Beachill, PSA COO

Thanks you all guys for coming, you guys really make this event, you provide such an amazing atmosphere for the players, and that shows in the two fantastic finals we just had tonight.

It’s hard to believe it’s 10 years we’ve been coming to this beautiful resort, we have some more grey hair, thanks for pointing it out, but it’s a huge, huge thank you to Amr Mansi and his Ievent team, it’s been an amazing journey, we feel very privileged to have been a part of that journey and we are glad we entertained everyone for 10 years, and I hope we can do it for another ten years.

Thanks to CIB, the Egyptian Federation, Assem Khalifa, thank you so much, and a big thank you to our referees who are doing an incredibly hard job, and they do everything they possibly can for the players and the event.


Engineer Sawiris, thank you so much, this is a beautiful part of the world, we enjoy coming here every single year, you look after us, you look after the players, they love coming here, and hopefully we can come coming here for many many years to come.

Thanks to everybody, SquashTV, media, social media, everyone that has been a part of this event, and we wil see you again next year.

Assem Khalifa
Egyptian Squash Federation President

Let me tell you that keeping this tournament running was a struggle for this young man and all the ones behind him. But he is a survivor, so many times the event was under threat to be stopped. And it is a true success. 10 years of the Gouna tournament, it’s is a great success. I hope it will keep running for the next 50 years.

Congratulations to all that contributed to this success, CIB, Orascom and all the sponsors, all the people behind this success and to my son, Amr Mansi.

Amr Mansi
IEvents promoter

I believe I owe my business career to this event, so I’m very happy we are able to celebrate its 10 years. I want to first thank Orascom Development, Engineer Samih Sawiris and all the team, for believing in me back in 2009. I couldn’t never have done it without you.

Thanks so much to the Squash Federation, Mr Assem Khalifa, Career, OnSport, you give us a huge, huge support, thank you very much. All the players, thank you for believe in this tournament since 2010. And every year, we enjoy seeing you playing.

I would like to thank my team, Ievents, you did amazing, amazing thank you very much. PSA, thanks for believing in us since 2010, and hopefully, we can still do it for the next 10 years.

And at last but not least, I want to thank the Bank that has done so much for our sport, CIB for a few years now. Thank you CIB for all your support, for all what you are doing for our sport, to this tournament. Hussein Abaza is not with us today, but we cannot thank him enough for his constant support.